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Date: 2020-11-29

The hotel is located in the bustling city center and the transportation is very convenient. It can easily reach the international airport, railway station, east railway station, bus station and other transportation hubs. The hotel also provides limousine shuttle service.

Scenic spots

yuelu Mountain

Yuelu Mountain is located in the Juzizhou tourist attraction, a national key scenic spot, with an altitude of 300.8 meters. It is one of the 72 peaks of Hengshan Mountain in Nanyue and one of China's four major maple viewing spots. Located on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River in the ancient city of Changsha, it is composed of hills and low mountains, rivers, rivers, lakes, natural flora and fauna, cultural monuments, tombs of modern celebrities, and revolutionary memorial sites. It is an urban mountain-type scenic spot. Scenic spots that have been opened include Lushan Scenic Area and Orange Island Scenic Area. Among them, the Lushan Mountain Scenic Area is the core scenic spot. In the scenic area, there are Yuelu Academy, Aiwan Pavilion, Lushan Temple, Yunlu Palace, and the former site of Xinmin Society. Bus line:   1, South Gate: Take the "Lv 3 Road Interval" bus, get off at the terminal "Dongfanghong Square" stop, and then walk along Denggao Road for about 10 minutes. 2. East Gate: Take Bus No. 63, 106, 132, 202, 305, 309, 315, 318, 325, 902, 903, 908 Interval Line, Lishan Special Line, Brigade 1 Road, get off at the "Fourth City Hospital" stop, and then walk west for about 5 minutes.  3, take No. 6; No. 12; No. 18; No. 63; No. 303; No. 309; No. 312; No. 314; No. 315; No. 325; No. 902; No. 903; No. 908 and get off at Yuwan Town Station. Subway: Changsha City Subway Line 2 get off at Chuwan Town Station, walk into Lushan Road, and you can directly enter the Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area when you reach Yuelu East Gate.

Orange Island

Orange Island, also known as Orange Island, Land and Water Island, is located in the heart of the Xiangjiang River opposite the downtown area of Changsha. It is one of the many alluvial sandbanks in the lower reaches of the Xiangjiang River and the largest inland continent in the world. Juzhou, facing Yuelu Mountain to the west and Changsha City to the east, is surrounded by water and stretches for dozens of miles. The narrow part is about 40 meters wide and the wide part is about 140 meters wide. The shape is a long island and is one of the important scenic spots in Changsha. National AAAAA (5A)-level tourist attractions and national-level key scenic spots. Orange Island is known as "China's First Continent" among the famous mountain cities of Jiezi Island. Bus line: Changsha Brigade Line 3 goes directly to Juzizhoutou Metro: Changsha Metro Line 2 and get off at the "Juzizhou" station.

Tianxin Pavilion

Tianxin Pavilion is a tower in the ancient city of Changsha. The surrounding city wall is the only remaining section of the ancient city wall in Changsha. There is also an archway near Tianxin Pavilion-"Chongliemen Gate", which was built in 1946 to commemorate the Kuomintang soldiers who died in the three general wars in Changsha during the Anti-Japanese War. The three characters "Chonglie Gate" were inscribed by Chiang Kai-shek. Tianxin Pavilion is located in Tianxin Park and was built in the eleventh year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1746). The Tianxin Pavilion that tourists see today was rebuilt in 1983. The main building of Tianxin Pavilion is chargeable (including Tianxin Pavilion and the surrounding ancient city walls), while Tianxin Park is open for free. The whole building of Tianxin Pavilion is supported by forty-six red-painted columns, chestnut tiles and pink walls, gray-white stone base is thick and solid, 62 stone lions are carved on the stone railings at the front and back of the pavilion, and 32 wind horses and bronze bells hang on the pavilion. , Rang in the wind. Bus route: take bus No. 122, No. 202, No. 314, No. 406, No. 908 East Line, No. 908 West Line, Changsha Brigade No. 2 Bus