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Pearl River Garden Hotel Changsha is located at the intersection of Furong North Road and Fuyuan West Road, the main arterial road of Changsha City. It has a double subway exit and convenient transportation. The surrounding Xiangjiang River, Liuyang River, and
Laodao River are surrounded by three waters; the underwater world, Kaifu Temple, Orange Island, and Xiangjiang River converge here, showing the strong natural and cultural scenery of Changsha.

Various types of rooms exclusive to your quiet space, tasteful, comfortable and warm, equipped with comfortable feature beds and large-sized LCD TVs and other luxury facilities. The reserved and intimate butler service, which is always on call, will continue to enhance your every stay experience.

The hotel has Pavia Western Restaurant, Guangdong-Xiang Chinese Restaurant and VIP boxes, lobby bar, multi-function banquet hall, Pearl River Club, outdoor pool, fitness center, chess room, spa club, leisure center, bakery, Taiwan snack shop and Various high-end supporting places such as boutiques.

Pearl River Garden Hotel Changsha, as a noble luxury hotel in Changsha, is full of oriental warmth and sincerely serves high-end business travelers with a gentleman-like attitude, allowing guests to experience private comfort and luxury.